The Labour Friends of India relaunched

The Labour Friends of India was set up in 1999.

The Labour Friends of India, an India-focussed lobby within the Labour Party was on Wednesday (16) relaunched with an aim to highlight the issues and concerns of the concerns of the 1.5 million-strong Indian community in the UK.

The Labour Friends of India, originally set up in 1999, was relaunched at an event attended by the Indian high commissioner, Ruchi Ghanshyam, at the party headquarters in London.

The group is headed by co-chairmen Rajesh Agarwal, deputy mayor of London, and Darren Jones, Labour MP for Bristol North-West.

“Labour Friends of India will give a powerful voice to the 1.5 million strong British-Indian community, as well as promoting understanding of India’s position as a major international power and fast-growing economy,” said Agarwal, reported the Hindustan Times. 

“A strong international partnership between the UK and India will continue to endure with the relaunch of the group, as we mark 20 years since its launch in 1999. Our ties with India are historic and strong, from supporting India’s right to Independence to challenging the immigration policies for people from the subcontinent”.

Jones said that with an election possible at any time, the group will “redouble our work to listen to and engage the community. That will involve everyone from our leadership and front bench, mayors and council leaders, councillors and activists.”

“The Labour Party’s relationship with India and the significant Indian diaspora in the UK has a proud history, and as we prepare to return to government, we are determined to strengthen our ties for the future,” he said.


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  • A. Chan
    I am really disgusted by the Labour Party conference motion regarding the Indian state of Kashmir. As usual the Labour party does not listen to both sides. It has been hijacked by Pakistani origin diaspora who seek to use the Labour party platform to promote the Pakistani agenda or Muslims against Hindus and vice versa. I have been a life-long Labour voter. I will no longer be voting for Labour. The constant stream of Indophobic and Hinduphobic rhetoric from the Labour party members who have absolutely no clue about India and its secular instittutions reflects highhanded colonial xenophobia.

    George Orwell predicted that the Left-wing in the UK is so far left, that eventually it comes full circle and becomes on the far right of a fascist circle. This is clearly the case with the Labour party.

    The Labour party’s motion fails to take account of the Kashmiri Pandits who were murdered and threatened out of their homes in order to ensure a Sunni- Muslim majority valley of Kashmir by the Proxies Pakistan has persuaded to join in jihad. It also fails to take into account the fate of Kashmiris in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Kashmiris in Gilgit-Baltistan and the 5000 sq metres of Kashmir which Pakistan gave away to China.

    If all Kashmiris support the Pakistani propaganda then why is it that the Proxy terrorists Pak exports, resorts to threatening locals in not voting, not opening their shops, not going to school and not particiapting in society.

    Pakistan has exported terror to India for 74 year export of terror. India has every right to stop Pakistani handlers from communicating freely with their Proxy recipients. During 7/7 the UK government stopped all mobile communications. Was that wrong? No.

    It is high time that the Labour Party learnt about the history of Partition, India and how the state of Kashmir was ceded to India in 1947, much like the states which comprise of Pakistan was ceded to Pakistan. If the Pakistani diaspora via the Labour party is questioning the ceding of Kashmir by Maharajah Hari Singh then the legitimacy of Pakistan itself becomes questionable.